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처음에는 쉽다가 나중에는 짜증나는 Ragdoll Blaster 의 공략입니다.

레벨별로 간단하게 풀이법이 있길래 올려봅니다. ^^

영어가 어려우신 분은 리플을 달아주시면 답글을 달아드리겠습니다.

출처는 http://hubpages.com/hub/ragdollblaster_tutorial2 입니다.

Level 1) Tutorial *1
Simple, just shoot where it says.
Level 2) Robinhood *1

Shoot just above Target.
Level 3) Bunny Hill *1

Shoot near the 'o' in 'ragdolls'.
Level 4) Easy Street *1

Shoot at the end of the top pole.
Level 5) Hard Target *1
Shoot any 3 spots between the Platforms as the ball comes down.
Level 6) Up and Over *1
Shoot under the 'd' in 'and', while in line with the wall.
Level 7) Blocked *1
To get in one, it takes many resets but you have to shoot about half way down on the 2nd block on the far right side.
Level 8) Funnel *1
Shoot just below the end of the blue plank.
Level 9) Topple *1
Shoot at the 'B' in 'Best', making sure you hit the bottom corner of the 3rd block from the bottom.
Level 10) Zorro *1
Shoot through the top gap quickly, or shoot through the 2nd gap.
Level 11) Fly High *1
Shoot below the 'h' in 'High' and hit the target on the other side of the wall.
Level 12) Slider *1
Shoot under the 'b' in 'Best' below the obstacle and let the ragdoll slide down.
Level 13) Hammer *1
Shoot directly left of the cannon under the 'H' in 'Hammer', making sure the ragdoll slides headfirst between the hammer rope and the ledge.
Level 14) Recoil *1
Wait 15mins for the cannon to slowly roll to the left. Shoot the target once it reaches the left.
Level 15) Changeup *2
Shoot the boulder at a specific angle to make the ragdoll land on the cannon in one shot. Let the boulder do it's thing and knock the target off onto the ragdoll. Will take many resets. (Or watch video to get in 2)
Level 16) Punch Out *2
Shoot the spring all the way to the right then shoot the target as it falls.
Level 17) Platformer *1
Shoot at target when left block is in the middle of the screen.
Level 18) Volcano *1
Shoot diagonally up left from the top left cube, just on the obstacle so the ragdoll dribbles into the 'volcano'.
Level 19) Phil *1
Shoot directly left from the top right cube, past the spring.
level 20) Factory *2
Shoot over the top and hit the blue lever, then shoot the target when it comes through.
Level 21) Robert *1
Shoot straight up and to the right a bit, at full speed
Level 22) Round the World *1
Shoot through gap and wait over an hour for target to fall. Or shoot the blue plank and then shoot through either gap in the walls.
Level 23) Bounce *1
Shoot in between the 'e' in 'Bounce' and the top of the wall. Check video for accuracy.
Level 24) Staircase *2
Shoot the boulder off then shoot near the roof so the ragdoll falls and hits the target.
Level 25) Asteroid Field *1
Shoot the little boulder near Score in between the 'e' and ':'. Check video.
Level 26) Decoy *1
Shoot halfway between the spring base and the top of screen.
Level 27) Boulder *1
Shoot over the boulder and onto the target.
Level 28) Springboard *1
Land a ragdoll on the left end of the plank, then shoot boulder.
Level 29) Fats *1
Shoot below the cannon and as far the the right without hitting the obstacle. The ragdoll will slowly crawl to the target.
Level 30) Piston *2
Take two quick shots at the spring.
Level 31) Catch It *1
Shoot just right of the 'menu', making the ragdoll land on the roof of the target and hitting the target as it falls over the edge.
Level 32) Chief Minikani *1
Shoot under the 1st 'n' in 'Minikani' to make the ragdoll fall between a slot and hit target.
Level 33) See Saw *1
Land a ragdoll on top of the target and let the ragdoll's arm hit the target as the ragdoll falls.
Level 34) Plinko *1
Shoot quickly about a pinky fingers' width to make the ragdoll fall down the balls and hit the target. Check Video.
Level 35) Turtle *1
Shoot the big block, then shoot target as it falls. For 1, shoot upwards (The head can go through), so take alot of resets trying to get his head to hit target.

Level 36) The Gate
Shoot the lever, making sure the ragdoll falls down as well. Then shoot the boulder hard.
Level 37) Mini Tramp *1
Shoot quickly towards the target or wait until you spring back up.
Level 38) Teepee of Doom *1
Shoot the mini block out, then shoot inside the top hole, hitting the target. To do in 1 shot, shoot through the mini block allowing the ragdoll in front and he will slowly crawl towards the target
Level 39) Trap Door *1
Shoot off the ledge, landing the ragdoll head first to the right of the target. He will slowly crawl towards it.
Level 40) Ragdoll Grinder *1
Shoot the boulder hard enough to rebound the ragdoll towards the 2 little rollers.
Level 41) Springer *1
Shoot fast as soon as the block hits the spring, allowing the ragdoll the hit target.
Level 42) Loose Target *1
Shoot to the far right, hitting the corner of the box once it's landed. The ragdoll should land in the box.
Level 43) Rolling *1
Shoot to the right and below the ledge, the ragdoll should slide over the 1st target then to the left of the 2nd.
Level 44) Banana *1
Shoot upwards when the blocks fall off, the ragdoll will slide off and hit target with arms or legs.
Level 45) Trigger *1
Shoot the vertical plank, allowing the target to roll through the gap, then shoot target.
Level 46) Cheops *1
Shoot upwards allowing ragdoll to slide to the right of the pyramid and hit target.
Level 47) Under the Eye *1
Fire 2 quick shots at the top spring, letting one hit the target as it falls. For a 1 shot, wait for the target to roll onto bottom flap, then fire a skilled shit in between the 2 springs.
Level 48) Boxed In *1
Fire right making the ragdoll hit the corner and then fly upwards into target.
Level 49) Jay *1
Wait about 15 seconds for the ragdoll to reach the left and cause the platform to fall. Shoot the target quickly.
Level 50) Da Vinci Dreams *1
Wait 40 seconds for wheel to spin around, revealing the target in sight, then shoot the target.
Level 51) Pine Forest *1
Wait till cannon reaches near the bottom, then shoot the 2 balls to the right at full speed, bouncing the ragdoll off and hitting target.
Level 52) Mind The Gap *2
Shoot the top block, in such a way that the ragdoll makes the ball fall backwards and hits the other 2 balls into their slots. Then shoot a ragdoll onto the plank, and with luck it should roll with the ragdoll down the slope.
Level 53) Wrong Way *1
Shoot a ragdoll right to make his head near edge, then shoot the spring at high speed.
Level 54) Ragdoll Limo *1
Shoot fast into the 'limo' making it reach the target and with luck the ragdolls legs will hit the target.
Level 55) Robert 2 *1
Shoot upwards at a full speed and make the ragdoll dribble off the right of the top block, hitting the target.
Level 56) Trapper *1
Shoot over the blue plank at the top so the ragdoll hits the target.
Level 57) Target Factory *2
Shoot the blue lever, then shoot the flashing target as it comes out.
level 58) Slippery *1
Shoot at the far left full point to make ragdoll slide down and hit the target from above.
Level 59) Steampunk *3
Wait till the moving block reaches nearest the cannon, then shoot at it a few times, then shoot below towards rollers fast and hope it squeezes through.
Level 60) Shlomo *1
The towers will fall either right or left, so shoot when they have fallen if there is a gap for the ragdolls body parts to hit the target.
Level 61) Invisibility *1
Shoot at the top left platform, the invisible target is at the end of it, closest to the cannon.
Level 62) Catapult *1
Shoot quickly towards the wheel and with luck the catapult will fling the ragdoll into the target.
Level 63) Pinwheel *1
Shoot when the boulder is about to fall, and the boulder will hit him into target. There is also a chance the ragdolls leg or arm will get caught in the arms from the wheel.
Level 64) Ernie *1
Shoot over the towers, and just clearing the moveable plank, but making it fall as well.
Level 65) Cheroo *1
Quickly shoot ragdoll over into the tower, his arm or leg will hit the target.
Level 66) The Drop *2
Shoot a ragdoll so his legs are dangling off the top ledge. Then shoot the big boulder u at the top.
Level 67) Propeller *2
Shoot in the top corner quickly, then straight after, shoot another ragdoll fast to the far right. Check video for where to shoot.
Level 68) Loose Cannon *2
Shoot quickly to the left making the cannon fall to the bottom floor. Then shoot target.
Level 69) V Power *4
Shoot as the block goes down, and repeat for as much as you need until the target comes off from the top, then shoot it.
Level 70) Balls and Boxes *3
Shoot the 2nd ball from top, also hitting the 3rd ball on way down. Shoot the bottom ball hitting rectangle block into place, shoot on the rectangle block from 2 floors above, then shot the top ball, knocking the target onto the ragdoll.
Level 71) Half Pipe *2
Shoot left, and when the cannon reaches it's full height, shoot upwards into the target area.
Level 72) Carousel *2
Shoot 2 ragdolls quickly on the end of the right arm, making the ragdoll slide off and hit ragdoll quickly. Or shoot to the right, then get the timing right on your next shot and hit Target.
Level 73)Candy Machine *3
Shoot the right piston, left, then shoot on top of the small boulder as it comes down the tube. When it springs up with the ragdoll on top, shoot the left piston, so that the target lands on the ragdoll.

Level 74) Tank *1
For a 2 shot, shoot the lever, once tank has stopped, fire over the wall next to the target and hit target. For 1 shot, Fire to the boulder to the left of the target, and the ragdoll will bounce upwards and doing a bit of polevault, it will flip over wall and hit target. Another method you can try is aiming a bit higher so the ragdoll skips off the middle platform, then catches an arm just below the boulder near the target and swings upwards hitting target from below.
Level 75) Shield *1
When the outer wall is slightly below horizontal and open, shoot to the back corner, should be easy enough, just luck.
Level 76) Wedge *1
For a 1 shot, fire at the blue door near target, with luck the head will hit it. For a 2 shot, land a ragdoll doing the splits near the blue door again, and then shoot it with decent power with another ragdoll so the 1st ragdoll's legs slides under the door and hits the target.
Level 77) Eggs *1
Shoot left quickly so the Left Cage lands on the top of the right, shoot downwards at the target. For a 1 shot, Shoot right as soon as the level starts, squeezing a ragdoll through and hopefully sliding through the right cage gap slowly.
Level 78) Heavyweight *1
Aim at the top left corner o the 'B' in 'Best' so the ragdoll hits the boulders in sight, and bounces over the wall, hitting the target.
Level 79) Pinball *2
Simple enough, get a ragdoll to one of the flippers and then shoot the correct trigger so the ragdoll gets flipped into a target. Needs good timing.
Level 80) Ricochet *1
Shoot at the top right corner, altering your aiming positions so the ragdoll Ricochets off onto wall near target, catching the ragdolls arm and sliding down, hitting the target.
Level 81) Labyrinth *1
Fire 2 quick shots to your right, so the first ragdoll's arms or leg get stuck in the wall, wait for it to spin so the ragdoll slides down and hits target with its arms or leg.
Level 82) Bucket *1
To get a 1, you need to bounce the doll off the middle ball in such a way the doll AND the marble land in the bucket with the doll on the right side of the bucket. Then when it hits the end, it will tilt the doll into the trap area, and the marble will have enough weight to push it through. - thanks SJM
Level 83) Super Hammer *1
Quickly shoot out the blue box below the top boulder as the arm swings down, so the target comes out the blue door and hits target as it falls down.
Level 84) Project Ganymede *1
Shoot at the 'd' in 'Ganymede' as you reset the level.
Level 85) Chambers *2
Shoot the blue lever, now its a ramp. Shoot another ragdoll so it fly's off the ramp into the target that was lowered by hitting the lever.
Level 86) Swing *2
Fire to the left and up a bit so the cart rolls RIGHT and gets it's right wheel hooked on the right of the swing. Shoot upwards so the ragdoll gets it's arm stuck on the RIGHT wall and slides down, hitting the target.
Level 87) Racer *1
Make the ragdoll hit the middle blocks so the ragdoll lands on the black bottom door and the blocks land on him, forcing him through and hitting target.
Level 88) Swingers *1
Wait 30-45 minutes for the arm which the target is attached to fall, then shoot the target without missing.
Level 89) Postal *2
Fire over the boulder to the right, making the ragdoll slide all the way down below spring. Shoot top boudlers so the target down the bottom, hitting ragdoll for a 2.
Level 90) Ragdoll Boss *2
Shoot the top right corner so the left arm swings over the 'boss' head which then allows you to fire at target.
Level 91) Hanging Out *1
Shoot the top right corner where the wall and the roof meets, making the ragdoll land on the left see saw doing the splits, and with correct timing the ragdoll's head will hit the target as it slides to it's right.
Level 92) Balance *2
Let the target roll down to the second level. Then on an "upswing" on the left side (before the right side block slides off!) , shoot hard near the "B" in Balance. The target (and ONLY the Target) should wind up dropping 2 more levels. Then on another upswing on the left - shoot "hard" near the "n" in Balance. Hopefully your 2nd doll will still be on the ground on the left (else its a 3) and the target will just barely drop to the last level and then the balance will cause it to roll off the left side and hit the doll. - thank you SJM
Level 93) Ferris Wheel *1
For a 2, fire two quick shots straight towards the target, one of the ragdolls will glitch through and hit it. For a 1 same as above but luck.
Level 94) Climber *1
As you reset the level, get a ragdoll stuck in between the left roller and the wall, it will cause the target to pop out and land on the same ragdoll hopefully, if not, just shoot the target again for a 2.
Level 95) Teeter *1
Shoot up and to the right diagonally at a decent speed and make the ragdoll slip through the top spring, landing to the left floor next to the top spring, the ragdoll will eventually crawl off edge and land on target.
Level 96) The Claw *1
Shoot above the set of blocks on the right arm, making the ragdoll land in where the boulders are, the ragdoll hits the boulder causing all the boulders including target move to the left, shoot the target when it is near the cannon.
Level 97) Tuber *1
Shoot above the colon (:) near score, which bounces the ragdoll off the blue bucket, hits head on roof to the left just above the bucket, and lands in the bucket doing splits, sliding his arm or leg down and hitting the target.
Level 98) Double Hammer *1
A luck level that also requires the correct aiming. Shoot towards the left swing, so it hits to ragdoll to the right swing, which then smashes the ragdoll into target.
Level 99) Trash Compactor *1
Shoot near the 'C' in 'Compactor' at about as close as you can get the ragdoll through as the walls close in, so the ragdoll bounces off, landing on top of the target and sliding an arm or leg through the gap. For a 5, just shoot all 4 levers and then target.
Level 100) Equilibrium *1
Level 101) Going Off-Road *2
For a 3, get cart over first step, then up ramp, and when the cart lands, shoot straight down as hard as you can, glitching the ragdoll through. For a 2, roll the cart to the left, once near bottom of screen, fire towards the right of the screen, bouncing off some blocks and hitting target.
Level 102) Pirates *2
Shoot right, then shoot on the top right of mast, making sure you slightly hit the arm sticking out on the way up, mast will fall with the ragdoll, hitting target. For a 3, fire left twice then fire upwards through wall into target.
Level 103) Enigmatic *1
Shoot into the tube with an accurate shot and the ragdoll will slide down and hit target.
Level 104) Invasion *1
Shoot straight up after you reset the level, causing the ragdoll to glitch through and hit target for a 1.
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